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Battery collection schemes

In Article 8(1) the Directive requires Member States to ensure that collection schemes are in place for the collection and treatment of portable batteries and accumulators. Such schemes must be accessible to end-users of these products, allowing the products to be discarded of without charge and without an obligation to purchase new batteries or accumulators. In certain cases, battery and accumulator distributors are also required to take-back these products.

Similar stipulations are made in relation to industrial batteries and accumulators in article 8(3) and in relation to automotive batteries in article 8(4).

According to recital 17 of the Directive, collection and recycling schemes should be optimized, in particular in order to minimize costs and the negative environmental impact of transport. Treatment and recycling schemes should use best available techniques, whereas the definition of recycling should exclude energy recovery.

According to recital 18, where national collection schemes are set up on the basis of Directive 2002/96/EC (WEEE) batteries and accumulators collected through such schemes should be removed from the collected waste electrical and electronic equipment. After their removal, such batteries and accumulators are subject to the requirements of the Battery Directive, counting for achieving the collection targets and subject to recycling requirements.