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Labelling of batteries

Recital 20, of the Directive, requires the arrangement of a labelling system, for providing end-users with transparent, reliable and clear information on batteries and accumulators and any heavy metals they contain.

Member States are required to ensure that all batteries, accumulators and battery packs are appropriately marked with the a symbol indicating ‘separate collection’, as specified in Annex II of the Directive. The capacity of portable and automotive batteries and accumulators must also be indicated on them in a visible, legible and indelible form as of 26 September 2009. Batteries, accumulators and button cells containing:

(a) > 0,0005 % mercury;

(b) > 0,002 % cadmium; or

(c) > 0,004 % lead,

must be marked with the chemical symbol for the metal concerned: Hg, Cd or Pb. Graphic specifications as to how the required information should be marked on the battery, accumulator or battery pack, are also detailed.

Though exemptions can be granted by the commission from these requirements, there is no specification of conditions under which the presence of substances other than these three should be considered.